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Tom Fortney 760 742-4550 Licensed 'Mile High Contractor'
Larry Noble Construction Inc, Licensed Contractors 760-765-2363
Bill Druliner and Terry Cameron, Licensed Contractors 760 822-8994
Dave Odle Licensed Contractor  760 522-8065 
Electrician and Solar, George Wolfe 760-497-8502 plus carpentry and all handyman skills. Low cost spruce ups between renters or before selling. 
North County Counter Tops Jeremy Dyson also lives on Palomar and in addition to Counter tops of your choice, he is available for handyman work. 760 744-6228
Jim Clain 760 625-9036 Windows, kitchen & bath remodels, fences, decks, drywall. 
Mike Probert M-PRO Building and Restoration 760 207-7779
Ron Bowen, Septic Contractor, heavy equipment, grader, back hoe, roads, pads, tree falling & cleanup 760 742-2468 c 619 561-0034
Steve Lawrence 760 742-3128

San Diego County Building Department  760 471-0730 M-F 8 to 4
5201 Ruffin Road, Suite B, San Diego, CA
New location: 151 East Carmel at 78 and Twin Oaks Valley Road, San Marcos, Code Enforcement - abandoned vehicles
Minor permits and remodeling, easements, set backs, what can and cannot be built 
Assessors Office - survey information,  Leroy 858-694-3253
Permits for cabins or homes 888 336-7553
Permit Public Research back to 1987
Street Address Information, Nora 858 694-3797
Zoning 888-267-8770
SDG&E Project Management 877-789-9866

Scrapbooking Retreat and Supplies Terri Sproul       

Ron Bowan, 740 742-2468  c 619 206-3347

DEBRIS SUGGESTIONS --What to do with Trash?  Oil?  Recyclables?
No trash pick up on the mountain! Weekenders and folks who work in the city take their trash down when they go.
Full-timers and many weekenders often share a dumpster delivered by Ramona Disposal and emptied each Monday 760 789-0516
County Hotline for paint and hazardous waste 877-713-2784
Recycle your aluminum cans at the Fire Department bins
Closest dump/transfer station in Pala.  They also take old paint, tires, TV's and recyclables, green waste, you name it.
Free drop-off for old oil and oil filters:
Contact Our Planet Recycling to get rid of old TV's computer monitors, scrap steel, metal 760 747-7775    They take anything with a plug--at no charge!
Pala Transfer Station - old beds, most all debris, trash, recyclable, green waste, appliances, tires. 
Lee's Iron & Metal (760) 724-1330, 1315 Lee Dr, Vista, pays your for scrap metal - such a deal!
Tires - Big O Tires - drop off charge is $2.50 per tire, $4.00 if it has a rim. 1795 East Valley Pkwy between Rose and Midway in Escondido--best deal I could find!

Dutch and Wes Bergman 760 742-4215 Roads, pads, grading
Bob Ballantyne 45 years experience in the Back Country 760-518-6555
North County Backhoe, John Donaldson 760 749-4500
Robert Ruiz 760 212-8998
Ron Bowen 760 742-2468  c 619 206-3347

Palomar Electrician and Solar/Generator Systems - George Wolfe 760 497-8502 Licensed since 1972
Greg Hill 760-519-5586
John Coneley Electrician Pager 760-901-6606
Joe Wirerl 760 746-0280 or 760 746-8248
Mark Armstrong 760 749-0802
Mark Jones 76O 908-6745
Steve Hill 760 749-7279

California Highway Patrol 909 506-2000
Palomar Mountain Volunteer Fire Department 760 742-3701 (non-emergency only) 
Valley Center Sheriff's Office 760 751-4400
Register your cell phone for reverse 911 calls and more:

ENGINE REPAIR up to 8 to 10 horsepower, certified repairman, David Drake 760-315-6352

Boundary Adjustments, Septic Design, Percolation Testing
Patrick Engineering 760 765-1343
Szytel Engineering 760 741-6979
Wynn Engineering 760 749-8722

Cecelia's Farm 
Glenn Organic Coffee
Spring Water

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