Map and Roads
Old Stone Road and Purple Gate Road

Driving in through a purple gate off the South Grade I happened to have my camera with me to capture some beautiful fall colors when I was out one day.   It is at about 5000 feet, which is a higher elevation and more likely to have snow when we are having a winter wonderland.

Old Stone Road is newly improved and meanders up from the South Grade at about the 4200 foot level so should be more accessible year round in a four wheel drive.   

Purple Gate road is shown in .Purple. 

The road drawn in green would be Old Stone Road at Mile Marker 45.2.  When I show the property we will meet at that inside curve to drive up.

The National Forest borders your property line on the west.

Put your hiking boots on, and let's take off on a fun adventure to check out these views.

Come see the amazing view for yourself.  Glad to give you a tour.

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