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A sheet of heat resistant wall-board did the trick in this cabin. 
The sellers commented that they wished they had done that years ago!

This property had been a rental with a lot left behind over the years. 
It is much easier to sell a property when we don't have to talk about the 'stuff'.
Which workshop below do you think would get the highest price?   Same room about two hours later: 

We usually take a few accessories from our workshop in  a vacant home to put the icing on the cake!

Paint worked wonders in this kitchen to update and neutralize the apple border.

One zip lock bag can do wonders for the front of a refrigerator!   Simply slip your photos and magnets in the bag and they are ready to go up on the frig at your new home.   

Over time  "things" start to add up.  When you 'de-personalize' a bit,
rooms appear larger and a buyer can visualize how they would use the room much easier.