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This cabin was for sale with another agent for over a year. The staged room to the right has the same paint, carpet, and paneling.

We do have a collection of themed accessories that we sometimes use to make a vacant home look lived in,
or add some "spice" and character.

When in doubt,
take it out.

Sometimes with very
little work, rooms can appear much larger.

rugs can
'eat up equity'
in the sale of your home and buyers often look under rugs to see if the rug is hiding a stain.


Every space inside and out is a communication opportunity.

Here are two examples of moving a bed to make an easier traffic pattern and open up a room.

We got a call one day to list a second home. Walking in the master bedroom was awkward needing to walk all the way around this bed to get to the bathroom door on the right of the room. Moving the furniture opened up the space, gave the room character, and gave the owners confidence in our suggestions to do more.  The home had been a rental, so the owners decided to have us "pull out all the stops" and have it painted, new carpet, flooring, and have the property groomed.

The owners went out of town for a few days while work was being done. When  they came back and saw the difference, this is what they said:   " Sorry, we don't want to sell now!  After you re-arranged our furniture, had the crew in to paint, do repairs, trim trees, haul away stuff, and had the new carpet and flooring laid-- We love our "new" home and would like to enjoy it for another year or so! We will for sure continue our listing with you when we are ready to let go. But for now, it's beautiful! Thank you for all the great ideas and help"  Sue Berg

We'll have "After-the-paint-and-new-flooring-pix" for you when they are ready.