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Part of our Success System for marketing your home or land includes our professional staging advice. Staging is a proven system of arranging furnishings, or grooming the exterior, to create a positive impact the second they see the property or walk through the door.

Bonnie has been "staging" since she was a little girl playing with her dolls! From day one in her real estate career she has staged cabins, homes, ranches, lots and land to make a difference for the property owner, the neighborhood, and a better first impression.

Clients we've worked with have been so impressed with our "whirl-wind" of activity staging their home to sell, they have asked us to stage the one they are moving to also!

Here are just a few examples of our 'Before and Afters':

The owner of this home was a retired Realtor. He had his home on the market for several months before he called quite frustrated and said, "Get down here and list my property. I can't compete with the likes of your website!"

In just one hour we transformed all rooms by 'depersonalizing' and then staged with only his belongings. After using our photos for the MLS, and marketing on our website, his ranch was in escrow in four days.

At breakfast one day in Escondido we ran into an old friend. She told us that she is working through their church with retired people making transitions. We ran over to see this home that we later listed. Limited on time, we only had about ten minutes to show her what staging can do in one room. In our haste, we snapped the after photo and ran out the door forgetting the white table cloth . . . It will be gone for our marketing photos and the MLS! 

The way you live in your home and the way we market your property are often two entirely different things.

The family decided to also have new flooring and paint throughout--see photo on the left. We took a few of our plants in and folded up the tablecloth.  Because of the staging, the owners were able to sell quickly and had a return of more than double their investment.

This lovely home below was fun to stage. The owners determined what was important for them to keep thru the marketing time and escrow, and got boxes for packing. With a goal to make the rooms appear larger, more open, and less personal, we determined what we keep for staging, and the rest gets packed.
Extra furniture and boxes are put in a garage or in storage.   Just viewing these photos can be a little
confusing at first because of all that is 'going on' in each room. All pictures on the left of this page
are the 'Befores', the ones on the right are the 'Afters'.

Eliminating the rug opened the room up tremendously. Even keeping the baby grand piano, the room looks
larger, doesn't it?  It is now much easier for potential buyers to picture their own furniture in the room.

In the set below, you have to really look to see the fireplace. After staging, it became the focal point of the room for Buyers.

This home was on the market for 52 days,
after staging, it was in
escrow in
15 days.

We normally stage prior to  marketing and putting up our signs,  to give you the very best first impression.

You never have a second chance to make a First

What  will the Buyer be thinking when they walk in your rooms?

These three sets of Before and
Afters show a pretty dramatic difference by starting the
packing process.

You are going to move, right?
Start packing!

Box up family photos, art,   awards, hobbies, and collections.
It will make it much easier to show and sell your home.

Buyers only know what
they see,
not the way
it's going
to be!

The cello that we showcased in the living room was found here in the corner of the master bedroom.
Re-arranging other furniture created a nice retreat. The owner absolutely loved the transformation through out the home. They purchased nothing for the staging and we took nothing in. We only used what they already had.

We can help
you with the
"Six C's of Staging"


The library below appeared crowed until we turned the desk around.
Simple to do with a
dramatic difference.

Kitchens are
often pretty easy to simplify by just getting the pictures off the frig. Slip them in an envelope and they're packed for your next home!

Look through the Buyer's Eyes