Cozy Shabin
1/3 acre on the top of Crestline

Many times I'd driven by and once walked around the 'shed'.  There was foil on the windows so I had no idea how cute it was on the inside.  When owner told me they'd used it for camping, I was still surprised to unlock the door and see how efficient and cute this little (key word) cabin is!  After all these years I didn't see any signs of mice at all.  It's tidy and ready for you.

The 'kitchen' above is pretty well stocked.  There was a faded note left on the wood stove that I saved for you that said "Before lighting, check for blue jay nests in chimney".  The shabin comes complete with a hide-a-bed and storage above for your blankets.  Below you see the 'closet', also used as a shelf for first aid and bug spray--they thought of everything! It has two rooms, well, including the out house out back.  Ah, simpler times. . .   

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