"Thank you for the updates to your listings. My husband and I enjoy reading about all that goes on, on the mountain. We will be coming up this weekend to stay in one of the cabin rentals. Someday hopefully we won't have to rent a cabin  . . .  we'll own one :) We'll definitely know who to contact for the purchase."
Sincerely, Robert & Gabrielle Chini

"You remind me a lot of my mother the way you work 24/7 to get the job done. Living here in Tennessee, we knew that everything was being taken care of with the sale of our home on Palomar. We had total confidence in you with absolutely no worry. Your reputation speaks for itself. Thank you for all your work in getting our home sold and we hope the new owners really love it there on the Mountain." Renee Sousa

"Thank you so much for making our purchase so easy. You are so friendly and helpful. We got spoiled. You've made buying our ranch 'happy' and we are so grateful and appreciative of all your help."
Clarke and Betty Simm

"If we hadn't listened to you, we'd be homeless!!! We are so thankful that we took our dog to the snow that day, saw your flyer on the Bulletin Board in front of the Store, and gave you a call!  We had no idea if we could even qualify to buy a home of our own. You gave us good advice, and soon we found the perfect place and we were moving in!  Where we had been living was burned in the Paradise Fire.  We would have lost everything!  Every time we slip into our spa and look out at our beautiful view of the mountains we are so grateful. We love our new home. Thank you!!"  Tom and Susan Peterson

" . . . Thanks very much. BTW, your website is the absolute best one I have encountered for real estate agencies! " Best regards, John W. Wallen

"You've done a lot of work for us and I hope you know that Gail and I  appreciate it.  Of course we knew from the beginning that you would always do more than expected. Thanks for being a good friend of our family."   Robert F. Davis, Morro Bay, California

"Thanks for the info! It is refreshing to work with someone who maintains a high level of professionalism." Lance Dore' Managing Director, Integra Realty Resources

"I dream that some day soon I will own property on Palomar Mountain. This place has been drawing my heart for 2 years now. I can't wait. I feel like I have a kinship with those on Palomar because of the warm newsletters you send out with pictures and updates. It keeps the Mountain in mind and on my goal board. I feel like I already know the wonderful people who reside there. When I'm ready I will call on you to find me the right property.  Thank you for sharing."  Victoria Serorian

"I've been enjoying your website for the past couple of years since I moved out here from Chicago. Palomar Mountain is my absolute favorite place to go on the weekends for natural stress relief. I've read your bio on your website, and the combination of your love and dedication to the mountain, and your professional career have forged a great deal of  respect for you. My dream is to have a cabin of my own up there to retreat to on the weekends, when I am ready, you're the first person I'll call on."
Best Regards, Christopher Larsen

"Thank you for all of your help in helping us settle into our home-away-from-home and for making buying the cabin possible. We appreciated all that you have done for us and your kind and generous welcome to the mountain."   Chuck and Teresa Hayman   

"Thanks for all that you have done for my Dad. I appreciate your honesty and integrity.  It will be remembered if ever I decide to buy or sell.  Again thanks, will stay in touch!!"  Mike Riffle

"Who would have thought we would need your services twice in a year's time? Thanks again for completing another sale for us. You are such a thorough, conscientious Realtor. You persevere and truly
"give your all" for each transaction. Sincere thanks."  Karl & Celia Dunscombe

"I'd like to extend my most sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart for your diligent and
conscientious effort you gave me in selling my cabin on Crestline. I've never gone through any selling transaction with so many hurdles, and yet you pulled it through so miraculously. No words can ever describe how grateful I am for the work you've done. No money in the world could ever buy such dedication and enthusiasm." Tuoc Pham

"The pictures and story about our cabin are really lovely. You are truly talented at what you do.
Thanks for all the hard work. I called my Dad up in Oregon and told him to
check it out -- he might want to buy it back!"  Sharon Penney

"My heat comes on at 6 am. I wait for my cabin to warm up a bit, then roll  out of bed. I get my tea and watch the sun rise pink and gold over the distant mountains and clouds  . . . ahh! Home at last. Thanks Bonnie, for helping me thru the long search in finding my dream home!"   Linda Johnson

"Thank you for the wonderful job you did selling our cabin. We really appreciate your hard work and attention to detail. You are an excellent realtor and I'd recommend you to anyone!  I know you will do your best to sell our property also."    Celia and Karl Dunscombe

"Bonnie used her creative talent to 'stage' my home and took pictures for her website you can imagine how thrilled I was when she called the next day with a full price offer!
As a former Realtor, I was very impressed at how professionally she handled the entire transaction. She went above and beyond her responsibility even bringing me lunch on my moving day!"   Haig Avedesian

"In  all my years as a real estate broker, I have never seen such professionalism as in Bonnie Phelps. She is a credit to the  profession and anyone who works with her will be spoiled as to how an agent
is to perform in today's world."    Phyllis Munster

"You haven't met a true 'full-service realtor' until you've worked with Bonnie Phelps. Not only did she give us great service when we bought our Palomar Mountain home, but long after escrow closed, she continues to be helpful as we settle into mountain life."  Alan and Carol Serry

"We want to thank you for all of the extra efforts you have made for us in helping us buy the cabin. Without your persistence and knowledge we probably would not have been able to make the deal work. Also, thanks for introducing us to some of the locals! "  Jim and Lee Fehlberg

"We really appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again. It's always a pleasure to work with a good agent."  Tere Lang, Senior Escrow Officer, Chicago Title

"I just wanted to express my sincerest appreciation for all of your help
(and hand holding!) in my life altering purchase of a new home. Now that I'm buying odds and ends in preparation to move in, it really strikes me how much I love this little house.
Thank you for putting us together  . . .  I think it's a perfect match!"   Dipali

"Thanks for your help along the process of selling my house, or being so pleasant to work
with, and for going the extra mile to get things done.
You are a professional. I am very happy with your work."    John Brown

"As I sit here on the deck of my new home watching a blue jay eat the bird seed, enjoying the fresh air,
and listening to the wind blow through the trees, I have a great urge to yell
Thank you for your tireless energy and endless hours you put into making this happen. Thank you for the passion you put into your work. Thank you for caring personally about me. Thank you for making the whole experience as easy and as enjoyable as possible. I am immensely happy with my new home!"  Holly Stover   

"Thank you for your assistance during our escrow. As a real estate agent it is not often I encounter such professionalism and help from a colleague. You are indeed a breath of fresh air to this industry. Keep up the good work and the amazing service to your clients. Thank you for listening to my concerns and all your
patience during a very tough escrow. No wonder you're number one! Your devotion to this mountain and
professionalism in your career will always keep you on top!"  Angelique and Dale Norton

"Thank you so much for your efficient handling of our dear place in the mountains. It is old and in need of a new energetic owner to rebuild it."  Ethel and Dick Iverson

"Thanks for the fair, efficient representation you were able to offer me while simultaneously
representing the seller.  As you stock up on cabins for the spring, I'll confidently direct
interested friends in your direction."    Scott Hulet

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