More New Neighbors
Meet our new neighbors! There's always a few folks to catch with a camera as new neighbors
coming to the mountain, moving to the city, or in the valleys below.
Please check back soon!  Are we missing YOU?  Just give me a call!  760 742-1742

Ron and Joanne New absolutely could not resist the view when they saw their cabin for the first time.  They have enjoyed building out their ranch on the Santa Rosa Plateau near Murrieta and are looking forward to working together on their mountain cabin.  Their first goal has been to groom the land to make it fire safe. They will have a life-time supply of firewood when they are through. Big plans are in the works for shoring up the cabin starting with the foundation then all the rest to remodel and restore their vintage getaway for future generations to enjoy. 

Ken had a job offer from an orphanage in Africa when he and his wife found out about the opportunity at Palomar Christian Conference Center.  He is now the new Director! Ken and Peggy Cross are settled in and are really enjoying living a mile nearer heaven!  They met when they both worked at a camp and romance blossomed. They married, have four grown children and one is getting married this week!  With a real varied background in all phases of camping they bring so much experience to Palomar. Ken is a true visionary with strong leadership skills.  One of Peggy's loves are horses, so they are taking on their projects at the camp with both reigns.  We are so glad to have Ken and Peggy as new neighbors!       

Jonathan was working as a youth pastor in Wisconsin when he heard about the opening at the Conference Center. He and Katie are very pleased to be a part of the work here on the Mountain.  He is very busy working on programs for the camps and presently looking to expand to maybe include Chuck Wagon Cookouts and oh, all sorts of fun ideas.  Katie has a big day coming in June when their first little baby, a son, will come into the world.  Their lives will never be the same and it will be very fun to have a new baby on Palomar!  A warm welcome to the growing Welsh family!

A huge Star Wars and Hockey fan, David Hasty is now Assistant Program manager at the Conference Center.  He brings his experience with a college youth ministry to the Outdoor Adventure Camp for boys. Growing up as the son of  parents working with Wickliffe Bible Translators, he has a heart for Missionary kids and would like to work overseas someday.  Meanwhile, David is fine-tuning the program for the six day camp with challenging survival skills, wilderness training, and mountain top experiences-to-remember-forever for 5th, 6th, and 7th grade boys.  For more information, visit where you will find all sorts of info about this great camp on Palomar.     

The Ball family is lovin' it on the Mountain! Lafe has been hunting on Palomar for nearly 30 years and long-time friends of some of the Mountain old timers and he is so glad to finally have a cabin! Tiffany, Nathan, Jessica (friend), Lafe Jr., wife Karalee, and pups Cleo and Blue all think the mountain is great too. They are all having a wonderful time with the cabin clean-up and look forward to planning the remodel and working on it as a family. Meanwhile, they have all discovered how nice it can be to sit in front of a wood stove, with no TV in sight and play a game of Dominos! Lafe keeps busy during the week fixing broken stuff - he is actually an electrician and runs the world-wide service operations group for Johnson and Johnson. Karalee does her part bringing new babies into the world as a  labor and delivery nurse at Sharp hospital.  They are looking forward to joining in on the Mountain events and meeting their new neighbors!     

Kym McClary had a goal for many months to have her picture taken in front of her "Sold" sign with me handing over the keys. Her dream came true on a winter day. It was a long, complicated process to finally get all the ducks in a row for escrow to close and she was SO excited! "Palomar has always felt like home. The views and wildlife are spectacular", she said--so happy to move in her cute little cabin in the big woods.  Kym is one of our much appreciated Volunteer Firefighters and was glad to find a cabin right on the road for fast responding year round.  She was also pleased to have an extra bedroom for her daughter and grand daughter's visits.  Thinking of a tractor or other equipment needs?  Kym is glad to be of service at Powerland in Valley Center 760 497-0461.

"The dream has become reality on the Mesa.... now named La Casa de la Mesa
Just wanted touch base and let you know we completed the house and enjoyed our glasses of chardonnay on the back patio last weekend. We just had our spa delivered yesterday…. Yeah!"  Chris and Rhonda Polley, February 2010

Chris and Rhonda closed escrow on their perfect piece of land looking out to Lake Henshaw, May 2007 when Chris said, " We plan to build a vacation home perched on the mesa where we can relax and sip a cool glass of chardonnay while we watch the clouds drift by."   They pulled their building permit February 2009 and the house passed final inspection October 2009.  Wow!  That is fast! 

Isn't it wonderful when dreams come true?  Hooray for the Polley Family!   

We wanted to let you know that the cabin on Palomar Mountain officially became ours yesterday! We were up there earlier today dropping off a few things. We are very excited and plan to spend a fair amount of time on the mountain. Thank you for all your help in making this happen. You work with Lynn (our real estate agent) and your incredibly helpful website were critical to our efforts to finding our place on the mountain. 

We decided to name the cabin based on something that is meaningful to us. This may seem a bit strange but one of the biggest draws for us was the big rock at the back of the house. As such, we are calling the cabin "Big Rock Cabin". I have an interest in astronomy so the view of the Palomar Observatory is a big bonus. Still trying to figure if I can set up my telescope anywhere on our new property. We are so happy to have a place in Palomar. I suspect we will be on the mountain many (if not most) weekends. Looking forward to seeing you again soon perhaps at some type of community event on the mountain.

Thanks! Steve, Vivian and Sorana Standifird

The newest kids on the Mountain were born Wednesday night, May 20.  I picked up a VM from Cecilia announcing the birth and Don kidnapped me to run over the Borland's to see the newest kids on the block!  Oh how fun!  I got to hold Catherine Ann while little Taco was up having a great time testing out his legs.  Cecilia milked the other moms and all was wonderful.

After a year and a half remodeling their home on Palomar, Glenn and Cecilia finally moved all their critters up.  When I stopped by last week, Cecilia was making cheese with that milk!  Gouda, Colby and feta--yum!

They also raise chickens which gives new meaning to fresh eggs!  If you would like eggs in all different colors from chickens scratching around on the east side of Birch Hill, just give Glenn and Cecilia a call 760 742-8741. 
How fun having them and their growing family on the mountain top!

Craig and Cindi, Buddy and Brandy Herriott are now the happy owners of the "Herriott Hideaway". Craig retired from the Navy after 24 years of service. Now days, instead of being haze grey and underway, he flies a desk. Although less exciting, it's still the hustle and bustle of the workaday world that he and his family are here to escape. You'll hear the sounds of music coming from their cabin too since Craig is a wonderful pianist.  Party plans are in the works as he is brushing up on sing-alongs!  Cindi spent 10 years directing 40 instructors in an aerobics company, and another 10 years as a professional photographer. She too is happy spending time now just enjoying "the kids" and bringing them up to the quiet mountains of Palomar to breathe in the fresh air, and listen to the wind rustle through the trees. ...and maybe chase a squirrel or two!

Newlyweds, Lane and Hilda Yule are some of the newest neighbors on Crestline.  How did they meet?  About 7 years ago, Hilda's son Mike started working at the Christian Conference Center.  Every once in a while she would visit and she caught Lane's eye.  Hilda loves Palomar and two years ago started working in the kitchen.  You know what they say, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach!"  Lane had a chance to get to know her and her cooking!  Lane said, "She has a lot of kids (one girl and 4 boys) and I didn't know if she would had time for me but decided to ask her to dinner.  We dated for about a year, I asked her to marry me, she said YES and the rest is history!"  With Lane's two sons, their seven grown kids range in age from 18 to 32.  Lane and Hilda just moved into a home on Crestline with the perfect set up for Lane's sister Lynda to live with them too.  "Hilda is the nicest person and she loves the Lord. That lady can cook anything and I'm very blessed to have met her."

The 2009 Amgen Tour of California was finishing up in the flatlands about the time I captured this photo. Cor, Toby, Kyle, Danielle, and Seth, had a fun day cheering the bike racers at the top of the mountain. Why did they have to have a place on Palomar? That is pretty easy - fun days like this!  And, "It's a Kid's Paradise!  It Snows!  There is peace and quiet!" The family has really worked together creating happy memories with the kids learning some great skills helping clean and fix up their cabin, turning it into a nice place to relax. During the week, Cor is with the Santa Fe Irrigation District and Toby works for the San Diego County Water Authority and everyone looks forward to the next visit to Palomar!

John Conkle (finally) married his high school sweetheart (you'll havta ask them for the full story). The first time they drove in Pedley Road they saw the sign that Palomar Cedars has up that says "P.C".  Of course, they thought "Patty Conkle" and just had to have their hidden cabin on 40 acres! (Well, the cabin is not actually on the 40 acres but that is something that cooperating neighbors and a surveyor are fixing). John and Patty are lovin' life, the snow, and all the adventures of a vintage cabin that will soon have real power and a phone installed for the first time ever!  With modern utilities, John can even work a mile nearer heaven!  Meanwhile, he is dreaming up another new invention from their home in Encinitas and Patty keeps busy belly dancing, planning their next get-away, and looking forward to doing her first watercolor at the cabin.

Borrego Springs was just too hot in the summer for Joe and Sharon Sewell and their dog Bodie!.  This Lincoln log cabin was the perfect retreat.  They also have a family cabin at Mammoth.  But alas! That area is closed in the winter, so to be on Palomar within an hour, enjoying the winter wonderland is very fun.  They have enlisted a neighbor to do some remodeling, and keep all the gift shops between here and Mammoth very happy finding treasures for their western theme.  That ties in beautifully since they also love to ride horses and plan on bringing them up eventually.  Sharon's roots with Palomar go way back since her mother's brother-in-law was George Ellery Hale's personal chauffer!  Oh, you know, it was Hale's vision that culminated in finding the home for the 200 inch telescope on Palomar Mountain.  Joe and Sharon have some fun stories and photos to share--stay tuned for a web link!   

The man behind a voice you'd recognize has plans in the works for a vacation home with a 100 mile view!.  Check out Erik's website at!  You can also hear him most any night when your TV is on!  Erik's family is excited about their cabin plans too.  Their soon to be son-in-law, Matt Jones, was in their Christmas photo with his fiancée, and their daughter, Kelli (soon to be Mrs. Jones), Erik's wife Christine, Erik,  their daughter Joann, and son Gregory.  All are looking forward to having another photo taken from the foundation floor of their new cabin.  Their contractor is including a voice booth so Erik can work from the mountain house too--how fun is that!  Just think, Erik's voice will be heard around the world, via a cabin on Palomar!

High School sweethearts, Matthew and Amanda Rau were married August 9th and just got their new PO box on the Mountain.  Matthew grew up in a military family living in many different places but loves the trees and forest he remembers from Washington State.  The newlyweds are renting a home for a year or so on the mountain to be away from the base with a dark sky only lit by stars.  They were looking for a place where you don't hear your neighbors and found it on the north side of Crestline.  Matthew serves with the United State Marines as a motor transport maintenance officer and Amanda is looking for work in her major in paleontology--study of fossils and really old stuff!   Thank you Matt for serving our country and we welcome you both to the Mountain!