Bill and Alana wasted no time totally remodeling, furnishing, painting and decorating their wonderful Lincoln Log cabin - so charming and inspiring! With a quest for peace and solitude, away from their fast-paced, people-dense, city life, this little log cabin is the perfect place for re-charging. One of their draws to Palomar is that it is so close for frequent visits since they live and work in Wildomar. Bill enjoys music and photography and is a pastor of Cornerstone Community Church. Alana can't have enough of the grandkids, planning their next cabin visit, and is the Customer Service Director at their Water District. So, escaping to their cabin to take in the sounds of nature, is very refreshing with their family of three sons, wives, and three little ones. They both wear other hats, once in a while, when they put on helmets and enjoy riding their motorcycles. Bill's new Ducati Multistrada is all about technology with tour, sport, off road, and urban options, and sounds pretty fancy. One thing is for sure, they are enjoying every minute of their lives in the city, traveling the roads, and on the Mountain top.

Dreams do come true! Kellen is extremely busy with his family business West Pac Avocado, as their JustRipe! Program and Food Safety Manager. They grow, distribute and wholesale, delicious avocados. His dream to have a "home base" away from it all is a reality now with their cabin on the top of the Mountain. They love the views, nature, wildlife, and Four Seasons that Palomar has to offer. High speed internet was very important too, as Kellen is finishing up his masters with Duke University. He is in a program where he gets to travel and study in different countries! They go to Shanghai, Dubai, New Delhi and St. Petersburg and all the professors travel with them. Ashley is working online for her degree too, in Counseling and Psychology, with California Baptist University. They are both looking forward to hiking the trails, cabin cooking and healthy eating, and they will trade avocados for anything anyone else does or makes on the mountain! Guessing we are in for some great guacamole up here!

When Gwyn Martz and Ron Leslie met, and discovered that their dogs were both named "Teddy", they knew that to be a sign of good things to come! Gwyn has been wanting a cabin on Palomar forever, envious of her friend Terri Sproul who gets to live in "Paradise". Since escrow closed on Gwyn's little treasure, she has had a permanent smile. "How can you not smile with everyone so friendly, such great hiking, big, beautiful trees, and it is so peaceful and quiet?" When she is not counting down the days for the completion of her next project, she works as an office manager, while Ron is with SDG&E, races cars, and is intrigued hearing that there may have recently been a Big Foot sighting back in hills up here.

With six kids and twenty grandkids, Jim and Teresa just had to have a cabin. This was only about half their family celebrating Thanksgiving at the cabin this year. They love nature and want those grandkids out there climbing trees, seeing the wildlife, and experiencing all the Four Season fun that Palomar has to offer. Jim is having a great time with his new telescope and they are both 'birders' so have lots to watch from their deck. Jim is one of those guys that can do anything as a General Manager of a Plumbing Company. Teresa has lots of projects planned to keep him busy at the cabin. She is a Bakery Field Manager for Vons. She is looking forward to lots of baking at the cabin, meeting the neighbors, and attending the mountain happenings. One thing for sure, and speaking from experience, it can be a very yummy stop to pop in for a visit!

After 7 stints in his heart, it was high time for Wayne to retire and slow down a bit. He and Anne are one of those couples that I have shown cabins to several times over the years. They take off in the summers and go to the Sierra's, coming back with even a stronger desire for their very own piece of paradise that they can escape to more often. When this cabin came up, I just knew their long wait had paid off. Living in San Diego, Palomar Mountain is the perfect retreat. A long walk in the woods, towering trees, the chorus of birds, and the sounds, and scent of the forest are right here within a short drive. Ah, Paradise. But, don't let this photo fool you. It is staged. Wayne and Anne are one of those couples that love to be working around their cabin, keeping it pristine, enjoying every minute, or gladly helping friends with their cabin-to-do-lists. Give them a warm welcome when you see them hiking Birch Hill, Crestline, and 'round the Mountain!

Their first introduction to Palomar was for a relative's wedding at the Lodge in 1999. A desire to see more of our views and night sky, turned into camping trips at Baileys, the Observatory Campground, State Park, and Fry Creek. So, they decided that a cabin up here would be pretty nice. After looking for a few years, and finding a challenging fixer, friends talked them out of it because of the amount of work needed. However, when this home on Birch Hill came up, they felt they could handle the remodel and just had to have it! (If only Birch Hill was paved to the first curve, if only…) "Spiced Gingerbread" exterior paint goes on next, and a wrap-around deck is in the works. Their new "State Park Grill" just arrived from Amazon. You might Google it - the same heavy-duty grill used in the State Park will now be serving up the BBQ from their new deck. When not planning their next project, Will Parent works for CSC as a Systems Analyst. He did mention a simple fix for our computer woes: "Try re-booting". Doug Verville works for Cox. If anyone wants to volunteer to bury some cable underground, he may be able to pull some strings and get us service up here. Watch-dogs Chopper and Rocky, are very happy to have a place up here to run around and join the wildlife on Palomar.

Gary and Lynda Lockard have another big thing to check off their "Bucket List": a Cabin on Palomar!!! Friends call them the "Energizer Bunnies" with all their hobbies, they are always on the go. They belong to five different classic car clubs, and enjoy taking off with their RV. Talking on their ham radios keeps them up with the latest, and they do leatherwork, and love fixing up the cabin. You'll find them trolling yard sales and Craigslist for the bargain-of-the-hour with a Southwest or Country theme. A second hammock is now hung, so they have a "his and hers" but I don't see them using those hammocks much unless it is to keep an eye on the turkeys or deer they enjoy watching wander through their mountain top retreat.

The Harrington family addition to Palomar really upped our population! In fact, they could just about be their own town! Their newest addition arrived several weeks early to Dan and Jill on December 28th, a son, Ciaran Joseph. That makes 6 sons and 6 daughters! The timing turned out to be perfect because all of the family were in for Christmas, along with some girlfriends. Their pic became quite a special Christmas card-to-remember! When Dan and Jill first came up looking for a retreat they fell in love with the land and view. They are having a wonderful time planning a remodel using some of the cedar from their land that had burned in a fire. You can be sure the addition includes bunk rooms for all their growing family with room for lots of friends too. Dan spends his time during the week working for Teradata Corporation. Caring for their twelve children keeps Jill young and on her toes! Such a fun family! So glad to have them as neighbors on the mountain top.

As an avid member of My Country Club, Frank has dreamed of a cabin on Palomar for years. The A-Frame on East Grade had his name on it being next to National Forest. But, there was work to be done to make it a place his wife, Vicki, would also enjoy for weekend retreats. Frank quickly put the 'Cabinator' to work moving out the 'occupants' and doing everything possible to ensure no more free-loaders! Thanks to tips from neighbors and great contractors, they are now living off the grid successfully with their generator and propane system. The icing on the cake for Frank was letting Vicki plan and pick out everything 'cabin' to furnish and decorate their much-loved home-away-from-home. When Frank and Vicki aren't at the cabin, he works in pharmaceuticals and Vicki in insurance, both looking forward to the next time they can come up, check the trail cams, and share their cabin with family and friends.

Joe and Carol Dirks celebrated their 70th birthday year rehabbing a very tired fixer they picked up in Salton Sea. It is a fun place to go and soak up the sun when the temperature drops at their home in RB. But, it was about finished! They had been trolling Palomar listings for several years and when they saw Arbolito Lodge, they stepped up to the challenge. Level the floor 6 inches? Get power reconnected after being off for 8 years? Move the critters out? No problem! Let's see, they already replaced the broken windows, the old wood stove works great, their new electric blanket is much appreciated when it's snowy, and Carol has everything sparkling and cute inside. When you stop in, she might even have some of her yummy cookies waiting for you! They are having a wonderful time and love their newest project on the Mountain top!

What a perfect day, to take a picture of some of our new neighbors! It was really coming down Sunday afternoon when I was invited to pop by "The AK Ranch", formerly owned by the Girl Scouts:
After looking all over Southern California, Ahmed Al-Khatib (AK), found his piece of paradise for his wife Mona, their three daughters, a son, and five year old (boy and girl) twins. Ahmed's good friend, Lynn introduced him to hunting and campfire cooking. So, AK had to have a ranch! He'd dreamed of a place for my children, family, and friends to escape the city life, and experience the adventure of the great outdoors.
AK has great plans for a 'Gentleman's Ranch' complete with horses, cattle, goats, chickens, huge garden, oh, and a good supply of sleds, and other fun activities for kids of all ages. He believes it is even better when shared. Lynn is an amazing chef and the eatin' is always fine! We've had the pleasure of enjoying several meals with them and the food and the company is something we really look forward to. Each time we've been there we get to meet more of their family and friends that have fallen in love with the Mountain. This weekend another friend, Hussam, and his family will be back with Russian Dancing for New Years Weekend fun! So glad to have them all as New Neighbors on Palomar!

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