The day Curtis and Joan McAllister came to Palomar to see the Observatory, they saw the Birch Hill Views cabin. They looked out at the view, looked at each other and knew immediately that it would be theirs. The cabin is a fixer so they are glad to have five daughters and their handy sons-in-law to help get it in shape.  Daughter Anna and granddaughter Bella are 'helping' Curtis with broken pipes but all are thankful to be next door to Tom Fortney and Boris Glezer who chipped in with materials and skill on Christmas Eve. Curtis and Joan have their 9th grandchild on the way so have many happy times planned for their family to join them at the cabin. However, they came up Christmas evening to relax with just the two of them at their cabin. Curtis is a CPA and Joan monitors clinical research studies so they really welcome the solitude of the Mountain. "We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and the peace and tranquility that we don't often have at our home at the beach. We are so thrilled and thankful to have homes in our two favorite places in San Diego county."

Larry and Cici Groupé camped on Palomar for almost 20 years before finding their "Frost Cabin". They made an offer that same day and were thrilled to finally move in!  They love the constant changing view and weather, enjoy all the animal and plant life, and look forward to their long walks.  They have the best of two worlds living in Oceanside a few blocks from the beach. "There is nothing like swimming in the ocean in the morning and then bar-b-q at the cabin by afternoon." Larry said.  "Our son Logan loves to show off all the tree climbing and other woods activities to his friends when they come up with us. We also have three older girls all in college now so everyone gets their time at the cabin." 

"We love that we are entirely solar powered and propane handles the rest. I've added a new deck and a small pool which is fantastic for the summer and fall months. Cici has a new artist studio and I plan a music studio in the future."
Larry and Cici are in the music business. Larry is a film composer and writes music for movies and TV, writing all the music for last years TV show "Commander in Chief." He is currently finishing a new film score for "Resurrecting the Champ" starring Samuel L. Jackson. Cici is a singer-songwriter and also a painter. She is involved with child abuse programs across the country and goes to those conventions and performs her songs. She also just began a music school teacher career at a local San Marcos elementary school.  and

"I'm still in shock! I can't believe it! I'm a first time home buyer and love it up here with my new home!" Charles Simm was tired of the city life. He was tired of not being able to sleep at night because of the noisy neighbors. He loves his acre in the woods. He doesn't mind the drive because that is what he does as a truck driver. He is looking forward to getting his property groomed for even better fire safety and said, "I plan on being here a long time!"  Welcome to the Mountain, Charles!   

It was back in the summer of 1967 when Stuart Resor first came to the Mountain. He spent a lot of time hiking the trails and after he became a dad, Palomar was always a fun alternative to Disneyland with the kids--pitching tents and sitting around a campfire has wonderful memories.  When he and Bonnie had their first date, they came up and got stuck in the snow! Oh the adventures in our lives! They were married five years ago and now live in Borrego Springs. Stuart is an Architect and Bonnie is the perfect compliment with her degree in Interior Design. They found a piece of land on the Mountain that intrigues them and it will be fun to see what they create. First things first, they plan to groom the property, open up the view, and chip in with the neighbors on improving the road, while putting their skills to work on their dream cabin on Palomar.     

Hooray for Pete Weisel! After renting for a few years, he was able to purchase his cabin and is one of our newest home owners!    With his background as a licensed contractor, Pete had made nice improvements that really paid off since the cabin is now his! Pete enjoys working on the Mountain with Alan Serry's Dream Builders and also continues working on several homes a year off the mountain as a finish carpenter. He is really appreciated at the Mountain Church where he plays the keyboard and sings on Sunday mornings. However, as much as he can, he is off with his hunting dogs looking for game--last year we enjoyed his pheasant and quail at a Christmas dinner! Ah, this Mountain has some terrific people!   

The Tolentino family was looking for a place to spend weekends away from city life and a fun place to be able to go and enjoy the snow then warm up by a fire. They are now the new happy owners of the 'Cabin at the Pond'.  Leopoldo is a marine electrician kept busy building ships in San Diego. Noemi has been an accountant since collage days, loves to cook and is looking forward to entertaining their large family who lives in Italy, Canada and Guam at their inviting cabin on Palomar. Their daughter and son, Leslie and Leno are planning to bring friends with them for fun weekends in the fresh mountain air and try out the sleds.     

Tired of the long drive to the San Bernardino Mountains where Ron and Debbie Bowen have a cabin, they found the perfect get away on Palomar - so much closer to their Lakeside home. They have been looking for a long time and when they walked into this it was perfect, so they closed real quick and put their other cabin on the market! Debbie is a school bus driver and Ron stays busy as a Septic Contractor and is available for his crew to also work on the Mountain 619-561-3347. He is a handyman too and already making repairs and planning their next projects while Debbie is having a wonderful time decorating with their fun, forest animal décor. Their black lab Casey is ready for the mountains having passed his rattlesnake schooling and anti-venom shots!

Everyone is excited to have their escrow close on a property on Palomar. However Todd and Tracey do win the prize for being the absolutely most ecstatic buyers ever. They will be Mr. and Mrs. Cavanaugh in October and are so looking forward to getting prepared for winter at their 'Beauty in the Woods'. Tired of the fast-paced life on the Coast, they were seeking the tranquility and way of life that Palomar has to offer. Todd works for the Post Office in Carlsbad with hopes of getting a position closer and Tracey was a flight attendant for 11 years but worked out of LAX. Just a few days after escrow closed she landed a great job at Harrah's Spa - much closer to home!  You'll enjoy meeting Todd and Tracey--they are the ones with the big smiles and wonderful accents!   

Curtis and Leanne Cress love the serenity of the Mountain and not having to put up with the neighbor's choice of loud music. They both work off the mountain, Curtis as a commercial truck driver and Leanne enjoys her job as an assembly clerk in Vista. They said the drive doesn't bother them at all because they love coming home to their cabin. Curtis was raised out in the country in Missouri and their two sons were raised in Australia so love it here in the forest. Adam is a welder and is happy remodeling the workshop into a fun apartment. We glad to say that Kyle will be in the 7th grade next year and is our 12th student for the Mountain School!  Kyle is holding Sheila and is also available for yard work or washing cars 760 208-9709. Welcome new full timers!

"We were looking for a home to buy and keep forever. The first time we came to Palomar, we knew we were going to live up here." said Ben and Elizabeth as they were busy moving in. They have lived  four feet away from their neighbors with no trees or dirt and absolutely love Palomar.  Ben was in the Marines and had just come home from Iraq when he and Elizabeth met. Now working as a helicopter mechanic, he is fine with the commute to Oceanside to be able to once again live in the Mountains. Elizabeth is the Special Events and Promotions Supervisor at Harrah's and is looking forward to having a dog.  Ben has his eye on the Volunteer Fire Department and will be a welcomed addition. We're glad to have another young couple join us on the Mountain!

Observation Pointe has another new excited property owner! After looking for property out of state, Stuart and Karen Scriven found their dream piece of land 'in their own back yard'. Living in Escondido makes it real easy to drive up to the Mountain to escape, and a wonderful place for their son Bryce, and dog, Eli to explore. Stuart builds communication systems for Northrop Grumman and Karen keeps the home fires burning between her career as a respiratory therapist at Tri City Hospital. Cedar home plans are being made for the future with 'an eye on retirement'!

We now have a resident window cleaner! Paul Hotz decided to downsize and move to the mountain where he is half way between the desert and the beach. That surfboard will fit perfect, right there next to the woodstove and his 'step back in time' will have the best of all worlds for Paul and his two dogs. He has been in the window washing business for 20 years with over 1000 customers below the clouds. So, he has a spring cleaning special heading our way! You can reach Paul for window cleaning on the Mountain or anywhere in the cities toll free: 866-760-8181.

Alan and Diana met and were married on the Mountain, but sold their home last year to move to the coast. Alan is a builder and he and his crew are busy with the final touches building a home on Palomar. Diana opened her e-mail one day and saw the message for the "Window to the West" fixer cabin. They had each been thinking about moving back, but hadn't discussed it! Plans suddenly changed! The next day they were in escrow! Alan is a Mountain Man at heart, so excited to move back, with his feet just now touching ground! They work well together as a team making this their third kitchen remodel.  He has several customers waiting in the wings to build their dream cabins and homes. Diana works for AT&T, but with her intrigue with Real Estate, she got her license last year. We are especially thrilled since Diana joined our Team as our Buyer's Agent!

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