"This is how I stay healthy, it is what is keeping me alive.  Coming to Palomar gets rid of all the city-stress with exercise and fresh air."  Mike Stevens is a spokesperson and co-chair for the California Lung Cancer Alliance.  (No, he never smoked!)  Mike and Sue were thrilled when they found their "piece of heaven" on nine acres with a barn they are converting to their home.  Their daughter Hallie, son Trent, and dog Maile love it too.  With Mike's goal of making the forest the absolute healthiest condition possible, there are plenty of opportunities for exercise in this environment that is so good for him--and everyone!  They love to entertain and keep their friends busy with their latest project with the promise of venison or elk on the grill.  Also an avid hunter, Mike just got his trophy elk to hang above the fireplace.  He is retired from their digital photo lab and copy shop business but is available for anyone with photography needs   

With their 25th Anniversary coming up, the Arrowhead cabin was the perfect gift for Reinhold to give his wife Judy.  It reminds him of his homeland in Germany and Judy is a 6th grade teacher looking forward to the fresh air, peace, and solitude the Mountain has to offer.  They have shopped in other areas but some communities are so commercialized so Palomar is just perfect.  As a retired engineer, Rein also needed a project. He has renovated and built as a hobby so is looking forward to remodeling the cabin.  He is an engineer technical writer for industrial robotics and aircraft and you can bet the cabin will have pretty fancy blueprints for the deck above a garage and circular stairway that he has planned.  A garage? Of course! He needs a place for his toys including the 1931 Chevy--and maybe a snowplow blade for a 4- wheel drive.  After Judy gets the cabin decorated, she will be watching all this from behind a great book or maybe plucking the strings of her cello. The Stickel's will be a nice addition to the Mountain.

Lots of people had their eyes on the Mesa Grande Ranchette, but Kim got his offer in first!  Kim and Kathy Gordon have always loved the area, and, the fact that this place comes with 'free pets'.  The wild life in the area makes it very intriguing. Kim is a stone mason and has great plans for adding his artistic touch to the property, and he's occasionally available to take on other jobs 760 782-9275.  He specializes in stacked and mortared stone and has worked on local ranches for months at a time, leaving his 'signature in stone'.  Kathy is a vet technician and has a pet sitting business for domestic animals, cats & dogs, exotics, and livestock.  She loves to garden, play with photography and they both have great plans for enjoying the big veranda across the back looking out over their land!

Tom and Terri Kubow have often talked about having a 'cabin in the woods'.  They even have a picture hanging on the wall of their home of a cabin with the smoke coming out the chimney!  They are so excited to now have their dream come true and love the two fireplaces in 'Honey, Stop the Car'.  They 'rescued' their pups, Maui and Ozzie and their weekend retreat is 'rescuing' Tom and Terri from stressful city jobs. Terri is a senior project manager at Qualcomm and Tom gives of himself to physically and mentally disabled, elementary children addressing their health and medical needs at school.  Their first weekend at the cabin was spent celebrating a birthday with family and they are looking forward to making many more wonderful memories to cherish on Palomar.

New neighbors are moving in the Birch Hill Kincade but we are sorry to loose the Ackerman Family who moved to Julian!  Glenn and Cecilia Borland saw how perfect their property would be for his amateur radio operation and Cecilia knew instantly that her sweet little dairy goats would love climbing on the rocks. You are all invited to hold new babies in the spring and they will have fresh eggs and lots of cheese 'by the bucket-full' available for mountain neighbors! Two sons are serving in the military and the youngest is at Charter High studying to be an engineer like dad, who, according to Cecilia, is the brightest man alive!  "He can re-roof a house, over-hall the transmission, a camera, wrist watch or the TV" so is ready to take on the projects including a kitchen remodel for those batches of homemade bread that is just part of their very special, everyday life.   

Steve George sold his cabin in Big Bear several years ago always with the intent to buy again. He kept his cabin furniture in storage for his some day return. However, last February found him at the Bailey House for a weekend photography seminar. He not only fell in love with the mountain, but discovered why he had never returned to Big Bear. The 3 hour drive was tolerable when his then 14 year old son wanted to snowboard. His son is now 21 and for some reason would rather go snowboarding with his girlfriend. So those three hours don't seem so inviting. Steve comments that a friend of his put it best. "Where else can you be so far away from San Diego with a one hour drive?"  Steve finds that his escape to the deck, watching the rest of San Diego go a 100 mph, is very relaxing!

"Palomar is like going back 50 years in time with it's one-room school house and a wide spot in the road for downtown" said Nena Falkenstein. She moved from San Juan Capistrano where she lived for 20 years and didn't know her neighbors. "I'm very grateful to have found a community that knows and helps one another. The neighbors are fantastic! This 'feeling of community' is a disappearing aspect of American life. And, waking up each morning is like having my own little piece of heaven with this view".  When you see Nena you might notice that she often carries a large purse. Well, not too big. . . looking inside is her five pound poodle, Cootie. Cootie thinks he is a rottwhiler in charge of anything he sees so Nina keeps an eye out for hawks and owls around her 'heaven on earth'.

It was a very happy day for all when Larry and Elizabeth turned over the keys to brothers, Paul and Troy, the new owners of Oak Knoll Campground.  When I asked Troy what brought them to Oak Knoll, he said  "this is God's Country and it's time to relax!". They own four other campgrounds and they are all operated by family and good friends.  They plan to bring their experience to Oak Knoll and add park models and camping cabins with occasional festivals and music events depending on demand. In addition to their camping, month to month rentals, and the store, they now offer RV storage at 742-3437.

Chris and Rhonda Polley have dreamed of owning a large acreage where they could escape the noise and congestion of South OC. They live in a beautiful area in Laguna Niguel but tell us that it is a "postage stamp lot".  When our buyer's agent helped them find their large, private, oak tree covered property they knew it was EXACTLY what they wanted. At 3,500 feet with panoramic views overlooking Lake Henshaw and beyond--it was perfect. Chris said,  "It's a place where our boys can be boys and maybe build a fort, hike around, or ride their mini bikes. We plan to build a vacation home perched on the mesa where we can relax and sip a cool glass of chardonnay while we watch the clouds drift by." 

The caboose captured the hearts of Dale and Rosalie Huntley. It is a big toss up though of who gets to spend the night there. Daughter Kayla has big plans with her friends when they come to visit. Of course her grandparents who also love the mountain will have first dibs there too. "Relaxing" to Dale is having a project and he has lots of ideas for their new property. He was looking for 'peace and quiet' and a garage for his classic cars. They live in Carlsbad, both work in the lending world but promise to drive one of their cars in our next parade. Mom and daughter love theatre and musicals and plan their very own ever-changing dramas as new neighbors on the Mountain top.

Buzz and Mary Uber have always loved the mountains. They are the recent proud owners of a cabin in the Crestline area. Buzz specializes in Pest Management and Research, while Mary volunteers at Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. Buzz and Mary have 3 children, ages 21, 19, and 15. They look forward to visiting Palomar mountain often to spend time with family and friends for rest and relaxation.

What a pleasure to meet Renu Tripathi. As a new employee at the Observatory she moved here from Boston but originally hails from India. Renu is an engineer working on finalizing building the laser to give the astronomers an even more effective tool to search the sky. Renu is very interesting to talk to and enjoys research, reading, walking and yoga.

We now have a Deputy Sheriff living full time on the Mountain! A big welcome to Russ Ryan! He promises to keep an eye out as he is driving up and down the grade commuting to the Valley Center office. You can bet he'll pay extra attention to this mountain community, being a part of it. He has law enforcement in his blood since starting off at 16 years old as an Explorer. He also enjoys hiking and fishing and would like to get in some hunting. Russ is a first time buyer and since Palomar is the last frontier for affordable housing and he prefers the rural lifestyle, 'Observatory Views' is now 'Home Sweet Home'.  Glad Russ can join us to keep the peace on the Mountain top!

Escaping the harsh winters of Ohio, James and Barbara came west to Palomar.  James has family in San Diego. His sister and brother-in-law live there and raved about how wonderful life can be on Palomar. They are settled in a cozy cabin behind the lodge and available for work. James is a 'Jack of all trades' and can do most any handyman jobs. His tools are still in Ohio, but if you have the tools, he could probably do the work. Barbara has clerical experience in proof reading, research, typing filing. She has done pet sitting, house sitting, and they both have worked together in yard work and landscaping. They would appreciate a call and prefer work on Palomar but are glad to commute 

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