Earl Johnson is living his dream.  When he saw this 23 acres, it was perfect.  He wanted a place in the woods for  a project that he had in mind.  His two sons, a daughter, and their families include 5 grandkids that he wanted to  let them experience a setting very different then they have in the city.  Tall trees, the beauty of nature, even learning about staying away from poison oak and of course, helping Grandpa with his projects!  Earl saw an ad in the Pennysaver one day for this cabin kit.  What a bargain and such a fun place to have for his family.  When they have their  mountain adventure days, my bet is they'll remember forever these special times as some of the best days of their lives!

Fred and Patty Bearden's family situation developed in a direction that meant they couldn't move away from Southern California. So, as they neared retirement, they decided they would make the best of the area- that meant Palomar Mountain for it's clear skies (Fred's astronomy hobby), clean air  and the "low key, laid back" little community. They plan to build a cabin with very low upkeep and almost completely self sufficient, so it can be off the grid if necessary.  According to Fred, he is a "Resident Curmudgeon". Actually, he appraises aircraft, but that takes a half hour of explanation.  What does Patty do? She teaches Kindergarten.  In a few years they hope to sell their house in Laguna Niguel and buy a small condo down the coast a bit, closer to Palomar. Then they'll divide their time between the beach and the mountain.

Greg and Kelly have always wanted a 'little, rustic, cabin away from the stress of the city".   When they saw the Little O'Chalet, it was love at first sight!  Living in Spring Valley, they both work for Kaiser Permanente.  Kelly heads up the Optical Optometry Departments county wide.  Greg works the construction side of the hospitals.  It has been very handy for him to have those skills since the employees at Home Depot now know them by their first names.   Each time they come up their truck is packed full of building supplies.  Since they've had the cabin it seems as though all they do is work on projects!  However, on their way up next time, they are picking up a new sofa so they might have an opportunity to relax a bit and enjoy the peaceful lifestyle and nice neighbors they said they've already met on the Mountain.   They look forward to spending more time here and giving back to the community.

John Thess the new owner of Welcome Home!  You just may run into him at the Summit since he has had some long-time friends here. More info real soon!!! Stay tuned!

Brain Wagner and Yvonne Vaucher are on the New Neighbor's page a second time!  They purchased 18 acres of beautiful view land a few years ago.  When a cabin that borders their land came on the market, they just had to have it!  Brian is a computer software engineer and Yvonne is a favorite physician in the Neonatal ward at UCSD.  What a fun surprise to see Yvonne's smiling face as attending physician in our brand new grandson's preemie nursery. He was born a month early but very big compared to the majority of the patients she sees.  Husband Brian tells us that "Yvonne is very good with people under two pounds!"  It was so nice being included with their city friends at a barbecue at their cabin where they are both very good at putting our a great spread for hearty mountain appetites!

Big brother Braxton and big sister Brianna recently welcomed our newest and youngest neighbor to the Mountain!  Bryson James was born to their mom and dad, Greg and Alicia Schultz on December 27, 2007.  When Braxton first saw his brother he called him 'Mini Me' because he thought he looked just like himself--which he does!  Bryson likes to move around, kick his feet, and eats all the time.  Braxton is looking forward to showing him how to use a BB gun and fish. When Brianna saw her baby brother for the first time she thought he was a cutie pie and loves to give him kisses.  He is a good little guy and it will be fun to watch him growing up 'round the mountain.   

Tom Devitt is a graduate student in the Department of Integrative Biology at UC Berkeley working towards his Ph.D. He is on Palomar Mountain studying two species of salamanders (a type of amphibian), the Large-blotched Ensatina salamander and the Monterey Ensatina salamander. These secretive animals live under logs and rocks in forested areas and are active mainly at night, especially during the wetter months of the year. Tom has heard from many people they've lived on Palomar for years, but have never seen these creatures due to their secretive nature. Very interesting work! He looks forward to meeting other mountain neighbors as he will be out and about on the mountain through the month of May. Click to see some of his photos.

Palomar is really going to miss the Ackerman family--they gave so much of themselves to our little community.  Julian is very lucky to have them as New Neighbors!  They loved Palomar dearly but with two sons and a daughter at Julian High School, now living 5 minutes away is absolutely wonderful, says Jay and Shana.  Their sons are really enjoying sports, their daughter is active with the Explorer program and Shana has opened a fun gift shop:  "Nick Knacks" 760 765-0057  (named after son, Nick, of course!).  Look for the shop in the OK Corral center with gifts galore, from local crafters.  You'll just may even find some of the hand carved bears made from Palomar Mountain cedar.       

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