Stepping through the door is a single room. Three cots fold down for sleeping and there are shelves for storage.

That is a propane stove in the center for heat and to use as a cook top. There is also a generator that once upon a time powered the lights.

A porta potty could be used inside during
colder weather. But, for those with a spirit of
adventure, you have the opportunity to
make a trip 'out back'. It is actually a pretty fancy room with a stainless steel sink and flush toilet.

There is plenty of parking with room for an RV.

Friends of the former owner told me they took their motor homes to the property for great times with their hunting buddies.

You have a water tank on the property with a pretty
ingenious set up for when you bring water with you.
You could also have your own well drilled.

This is in an area where you are off the grid. No electric bills to complain about!
Cell phones work great throughout the land.

Now, for another look at
that view. . .