You're invited to take a tour of a very unusual piece of property. 
Away from it all, in a private wonderland with magnificent views  . . .
Come on up to Palomar Mountain
Escape to the Deck!

In March of 2006 we had our deepest snow on
Palomar in ten years. When the sun came out, I took off on a wonderful hike with friends. . .
Why don't YOU come along, too?
A gated, paved, driveway takes us into the heart of the land.

The tree house is merely
'eye candy'   with dreams and memories
of days
gone by.

You have a little storage shed for your tools and a 'Shabin'. Oh, you know, just a tiny, very inviting, shelter. More than a shed but not quite a cabin. It was permitted by the County Building Department in 1972. So, adding on should be easier with an address already for the property.

Would you like to see inside?
It's summertime now, so give me a minute and I'll get ice for the lemonade. . .