Three walls of glass make up the 'Viewing Room'.   The owner told me that years ago when a window needed replacing, his dad got one in San Diego that had been used in a Café.  Very fun.

Enjoy the stone fireplace and propane heat while taking in the fabulous views.

The kitchen has that fabulous view too--well, all the rooms have a terrific view.  In fact, you can't see other cabins at all from this one.  My favorite feature in the kitchen is this pie shelf on the right where you can open the little door, cool your pies or keep things cold year round--sometimes colder than other times when its snowing!

Two bedrooms have bunk beds and a bathroom with a shower.   There are several closets with two where you see the big boulder 'foundation' showing through.  A couple shed areas down below provide storage for those sleds. You have power, water with Palomar Mountain Mutual Water Company, and phone service.  Valley Center Wireless would be a high speed internet option for you (I love it!).

A walk through the hall is a fun adventure where you see family, friends and neighbors thanked their hosts, leaving nice notes, fun poems and artwork with dates going back to 1962!  I'll have to take some close-up shots for our historical pages! 

Come on up to see!  It's delightful!

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